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Navitas is a Latin word which when translated to English means “energy”. Our primary product, Young Coconut water is a beverage that injects energy in to a person to enhance the quality of their life. The word Navitas perfectly expresses what we want to give our customers; natural products that energize, enhance, rejuvenate and revitalize your lives.

Our organization is passionate about this beverage because it is organic and all natural and the world needs to know and experience the benefits of it. Since it is known around the world and deserves its time in the limelight due to the plethora of health benefits it has to offer.

We at Navita International, promote sustainable and ethical business and production practices that ensure the highest quality and standards are maintained in all of our products. Our business partners include the expertise of some of the biggest harvesting and packaging companies of Young Coconut, and we strive to maintain the best possible quality of coconut water in every single bottle and cans that we produce.

Our Vision

Spreading the goodness of healthy food to the world.

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Why We Were Born

Navita International (Pvt) Limited was born due to our desire to promote one of mother nature’s most amazing gifts to the whole world.

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